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Roses Are Red/Violets Are Blue/I Love Writing/How About You?

*** Roses are red Violets are blue I love writing How about you? ***

And this is why I’m not a poet.

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Sep 11
Roses Are Red/Violets Are Blue…
Sep 11
Sep 10

Why I Started Blogging

Coincidentally in this order. It changes from time to time depending on the circumstance. For the most part, these are the main reasons I started this blog. I’m sure I touched on some of them before in other posts. But it never hurts to remind myself of why I started. And why I will continue to be a blogger.

  • To share my knowledge and what I’ve learned with others. What could possibly be better…

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Sep 9
Why I Started Blogging
Sep 9
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Sep 7

The World Needs More…


Good, bad, amateur, professional.

It doesn’t matter.

The world is made up of stories.

And someone needs to tell them.

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Sep 6
The World Needs More…
Sep 6
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